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We Call It FabTravel

Queer. Trans. Black. Lesbian. Gay. Bi. Bear. Femme.
Only one label here…FABULOUS!

we believe traveling the world should be a relaxing and fun adventure for every person.
Our mission is to provide a platform of truly inclusive and welcoming super host allies to the LGBTQ+ traveler. Our goal is to ensure that every letter of the LGBTQ+ acronym is represented, included and welcomed.

We want to be the comfort zone for all travelers who want to enjoy a fabulous vacation without the anxiety of disclosure and any concern for acceptance. So, book your accommodations with FabStayz and travel knowing that whoever you are, you’re sure to be welcome wherever you stay with us.

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Utilizing the world-class technology of the platform, FabStayz is able to present a global selection of FabListings and you the traveler have the ease of the dynamic Houfy search tool to find the exact accommodations to fit your needs and budget.

Together FabStayz powered by Houfy is your gateway to your next adventure, relaxing getaway, staycation or fabulous road trip.

Our FabCommunity

FabQualified Hosts and You
Book and choose your accommodations with confidence as the FabStayz Community pledge of trust, safety and acceptance ensures your stay is nothing short of fabulous!

FabHosts are super at hosting as we only approve those that check off all the
FabStandards & Requirements:

pink checkmark FabStayz pledge of fostering welcoming inclusive spaces.

pink checkmark Minimum 5 months hosting experience on a major platform such as Airbnb or Vrbo.

pink checkmark Great to excellent reviews.

The FabFun Starts Here

FabStayz as Unique as You

Sure we’re the new kids on the block and not everywhere yet, however we’re herewe’re proud and ready to have some fun!
Nowhere else will you find the most amazing welcoming LGBTQ+ and ally hosts with our super fabulous selection of unique FabStayz. Tiny homes in Portland, OR, glass treehouse in Atlanta, GA, poolside villa in Greece, houseboathobbit hole…so many fabulous places, adventures and experiences await.

Glass Tree House

Hobbit House

Sky High View

Vintage RV

Cozy Cabin

Tiny Homes

Luxury Cottage

House Boat

Historic Bungalow

Greek Villa






Saux Falls

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