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'FabStayz powered by Houfy' what does that mean?

FabStayz powered by Houfy v1.0
In 2019 FabStayz partnered with utilizing their emerging platform and technology to deliver dynamic search results, easy to navigate listings and a listing upload tool enabling FabStayz to quickly onboard listings from Airbnb, Vrbo and HomeAway.

Both FabStayz and Houfy are early stage startups, the new kids on the block, collectively and individually disrupting the billion dollar accommodations space!

Who doesn’t love a David vs Goliath story right?

FabStayz recognizes LGBT+Ally hosts fostering inclusive accommodations removing anxiety, wondering if the host or property is truly welcoming. The FabStayz platform is funded in part by FabHost subscriptions.

What is my listing URL? Where do I find it?

Each listing, no matter the platform, has a unique listing URL, you’ll find it in your browser or dashboard of the platform you’re using.

Airbnb listing URL,
Vrbo listing URL,

How long does it take for my listing to appear on FabStayz?

The FabTech Team will typically have listings uploaded and verifeid within 3-5 business days.

What is base price? How do I change price for holidays or popular weekends?

Base price is typical nighlty rate. You can adjust the rate for seasonality, holidays and weekends. 

We have FabStayz powered by Houfy videos and easy to follow instructions to assist!

Can I do direct bookings?

Absolutely! You’re in control, you decide how you want to process bookings; direct it to Airbnb, Vrbo, HomeAway or Direct Booking powered by Houfy.

Houfy was built for direct bookings where you connect your own Stripe or Square account and control your direct bookings.

We have FabStayz powered by Houfy videos and easy to follow instructions to assist!

How do I get paid for bookings?

FabStayz does not process payment nor take a percentage of bookings.

On FabStayz powered by Houfy you choose how you get paid; your FabListing can direct the bookings to your Airbnb/Vrbo account or set up Stripe for direct bookings or direct the bookings to your own website.

The choice is yours!

How do I know if a booking came from FabStayz?

During FabStayz beta v1.0 there is a loophole we’re addressing, you could receive a booking from a member of the FabStayz Community and not even know it.

We encourage LGBTQ travelers and anyone else utilizing the FabStayz platform to message their host letting them know their listing was discovered on FabStayz. However, this not happening 100% of the time.

The FabTech Team is working on additional solutions.

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