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Improve your allyship. Become FabStayz certified and be recognized as fostering a welcoming space.
Together let’s remove barriers to safety and inclusion often faced by LGBTQ+ travelers.


FabStayz 2.0 Launching 2022
LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Education, Certification & Listing Platform


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FAB UNIVERSITY is a masterclass education and training series designed to help hosts, property managers and others within hospitality understand the challenges of LGBTQ+ travelers and meet the needs of more diverse guests.

We’ve creatied a safe space to ask questions and learn from LGBTQ+ travel experts, STR allies and acclaimed thought leaders championing inclusivity.
With your FabStayz Certification you’ll have the tools and confidence along with the support of the FabStayz Community to proudly proclaim your commitment to fostering welcoming, inclusive, spaces. 

BONUS! Be featured on the FabStayz Global Map directing bookings to your FabStayz certified listing. 

Inclusive of All Accommodation Types:
Cabins, Vacation Homes, RV Rentals, Studios, Bed & Breakfast, Boutique Hotels…




The Fab! Curriculum
Course Highlights


pink checkmarkVideo tutorials and virtual on-line education.

pink checkmarkWhat does safety look like for LGBTQ+ travelers?

pink checkmarkDiversity vs. Inlcusion, what’s the big difference?

pink checkmarkGay ‘Green Book,’ the parallels of LGBTQ+ and Black travelers.

pink checkmarkNavigating pronouns and eliminating misgendering.

pink checkmarkThe toll of microaggressions, unintentional biases?

pink checkmarkRainbow washing or true authentic allyship?

pink checkmarkWielding our ‘gay dollars,’ the loyal LGBTQ+ consumer.

pink checkmarkHow to create welcoming inclusive spaces.

pink checkmarkGuidebook tips with access to FabStayz Pride Guide.

pink checkmarkExclusive FabUniversity badge.

pink checkmarkFabMap recognition with booking link.

pink checkmarkLGBTQ+ marketing and global press.

The FabStayz University Curriculum has been developed in collaboration with Metro Inclusive Health’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusive Training Department.

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 Articles, Conferences, Podcasts, eNewsletters & More


FabStayz 2.0 is a first of its kind
Education, Certifcation and Listing Platform,
here are some frequently asked questions:

Are all the hosts LGBTQ+ on FabStayz?

Quite the opposite, 98% of the hosts currently featured on FabStayz are allies and individuals eager to be recognized as fostering welcoming safe spaces.


What are the safety concerns of LGBTQ+ travelers?
FACT: Homosexuality is punishable by death in 8 countries.
With more than 70 countries worldwide deem homosexuality an illegal activity and many liberal societies not faring well when it comes to LGBTQ+ discrimination it’s clear why LGBTQ+ travelers may fear being themsleves when traveling.

FACT: 1 in 3 LGBTQ+ travelers fear judgement from hospitality staff.


How do I create a listing on FabStayz 2.0?
Nothing for you to create. Not another listing for you to manage!
Super simple set-up just provide; name, email and listing URL.

Upon graduation of FabStayz University your listing will appear on the FabMap.

Should you have an Instagram or Facebook account for your property we’ll collect that information as well so we can tag it on social media.

Do I have to manage a whole new listing to be featured on FabMap?

No! Nothing to manage.
We create your listing on the FabMap from the listing URL you provide. There’s NOTHING for you to manage.

You’ll need to manage the inquiries and bookings from FabStayz travelers!

What about calendar synchronization, dynamic pricing and reviews?
Nothing. Nadda. Zip. Nothing to sync or manage!
There’s nothing for you to sychronize or manage, all the work you’ve put into creating your listing on Vrbo, Airbnb and Booking will be viewed just as is.

FabStayz 2.0 directs the booking to your existing listing for 100% accurate pricing, availability, description, rules and reviews.

How We Promote FabStayz

Social media, videos, blogs, LGBTQ+ travel influencers and digital marketing are just some of the ways we show off welcoming inclusive FabListings around the world.


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