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Visiting pride events and loving a sense of adventure the LGBTQ+ community travels twice as much as the general public.*

And we are brand loyal to those supportive to our diverse community.*
* CMI Community Marketing & Insights

LGBTQ folk are historically resilient travelers, in the face of everything from terrorism to recessions to pandemics†
† Skift, May 27, 2020

Uniquely Qualified

Everyday we review new host inquiries, verify each listing and only approve those that check off all the FabStandards & Requirements.

pink checkmark FabStayz diversity & inclusion statement fostering welcoming inclusive spaces.

pink checkmark Minimum 7 months hosting experience on a major platform such as Airbnb or Vrbo.

pink checkmark Great to excellent reviews.

pink checkmark Financial commitment supporting the FabStayz platform.


Have a question? We have answers. See below for frequently asked questions.

What is my listing URL? Where do I find it?

Each Houfy listing has its unique listing number, you can find it in your dashboard under
My Listings. Look for Listing: # 1234

How long does it take for my listing to appear on FabStayz?

The FabTech Team will typically have listings uploaded and verifeid within 3 business days.

How do I know if a booking came from FabStayz?

During FabStayz beta v1.0 there is a loophole we’re addressing, you could receive a booking from a member of the FabStayz Community and not even know it.

We encourage LGBTQ travelers and anyone else utilizing the FabStayz platform to message their host letting them know their listing was discovered on FabStayz. However, this not happening 100% of the time.

The FabTech Team is working on additional solutions.

What is the cost after the trial?

We’re super excited that our FabStayz commitment to providing welcoming, inclusive spaces has piqued your interest.

While FabStayz.com is live for bookings and adding new listings, we are currently in our beta v1.0 release. At this time we are offering a 6 month trial for our early adopter FabHosts while we continually evaluate and improve the platform experience with feedback from the FabCommunity.

Our goal is to make FabStayz the premiere LGBT+Ally listing and booking site and to do so at a great value to hosts with a fair pricing structure for the varied types of accommodations from home shares to luxury vacation rentals.

The insights gained over the next several months will help solidify the ideal pricing model. Of course we will notify hosts well in advance of the trial expiration so that you can make an informed decision on continuing with FabStayz as a paid subscriber.

We invite you to join our FabCommunity featuring your listing(s). Be on the look out for monthly updates of all the exciting developments at FabStayz.

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